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Trevor Gumbi |The five months of sobriety


Trevor Gumbi |The five months of sobriety

SA Comedian and actor Trevor Gumbi has published he has been sober for 5 months.

Trevor stated he used to be taking his sobriety one day at a time.

According to reporter, Trevor took to his Instagram timeline he shared a snap of what regarded to be the ancient Trevor that is guiding him on his ride to sobriety.

“Today, my little sobriety baby is 5 months old and we celebrate cause we’re slowly getting to bury this sweaty drunk guy, bit by bit,” he wrote.

In his mentions his followers congratulated him and wished him well going forward.

“So proud of you. The little steps … Are big steps for those in recovery. Sbonge,” wrote one.

“I’m so happy for you Trevor, addiction is hard to break, keep going,” wrote another.

Trevor and his wife recently breathed a sigh of relief after she was discharged after being hospitalised.

The comedian took to Instagram penning a heartfelt note to Nande, who was recovering at the time.

“I wish I could take the pain away. If you can make it through the night, there’s a brighter day. Everything will be all right if you hold on,” he wrote.

In another post, Trevor said he won’t leave his wife’s side as she fights for her life.

“Sleeping beauty. It’s visiting hours, but, she’s fast asleep and I’m staying by her side so that when they make the movie about our lives together, my character gets brownie points and husbands across the land get the hairy eyeball from their partners, ‘cause they’ve just put their mug down, raw, on the table without a coaster.”

Trevor Gumbi |The five months of sobriety

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