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Toya Delazy encourages Africans to take back their culture & language


Toya Delazy has encouraged Africans to preserving their values, especially culture and language.

The singer believes something crucial is missing in Africa, and that is what divide all of us from making big move on development.

As you know, Toya is the great-granddaughter of Princess Magogo of the Zulu nation, she is proud being part of the culture as it lives with her.

“African history exists & is the most powerful thing you will ever hear. I am so privileged to know my history,” she wrote on Twitter.

The singer believes it is slavery mind to keep using foreign language in entertainment, especially music, Toya Delazy wrote: “Take your language & culture back.”

She continued, “Many of you are depressed because you are denied your natural self. Language is the roadmap of a culture.  There is nothing educational about erasure. If you can’t speak your mother tongue, you have been robbed of great joy.”

Speaking about her music, she said she is not making the music to entertain audience, noop, she is a “healer”.

“I don’t want to make music to help you enjoy the lies. I’m a not just entertainment I’m a healer..  I want to wake you up so we can make a better world together.  Nature is about to take over in a big way eitherway. It was never gonna remain like this forever.”

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