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TNS sister wants haters to stop bullying her brother


TNS sister, Nokwazi Ngema, wants haters to stop attacking his brother following the video circulated on social media showing at least three men confront him to plastering his home.

She said, “They must stop bullying him. Whatever he does at his home is none of anyone’s business.”

According to Daily Sun, His sister said 19-year-old DJ is still young and responsible but no one has right to tell him what to do.

According to his sister, TNS had plans to renovate his home, but would do so when he was financially ready.

She said: “No one has the right to tell him what he must do with his life. He’s still young and has been through a lot. After being robbed many times in the music industry, my brother is still trying to pick up the pieces. I suspect those who are seen bullying him in the video are jealous of his success. My brother is a responsible person. He knows how to plan for the future.Bayaphapha abantu (people are being forward).”

Nokwazi said TNS sent the family money to buy groceries every month.

She said TNS and his uncles were trying hard to make their family’s life better.

“TNS is an orphan. After our mum died in 2004 we were left with gogo, who took care of us with her pension money until she died in 2014. Life was difficult,” she said.

“We were left to depend on our uncles. TNS had to grow up fast. He’s been knocked down many times by people in the music industry. But he’s soldiered on as he knows where he comes from.”

She said when he’s at home, people from Mandeni flock to his house.

“But not everyone comes with good intentions. Some come here to çheck out what we have or don’t have. It’s painful. They come here to look at the state of our home. But we don’t care because we know one day God will answer our prayers.”

Nokwazi said TNS was looking after five family members, including a cousin and niece.

TNS said his fans must understand that the music industry was no a walk in the park.

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