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TNS apologises over muthi rant


A young producer and sensational DJ, TNS, has apologised after accusing people of using muthi on him, trying to stop him from getting better.

His accusations confused social media users, after backlash he decided to apologies.

In live Instagram video, TNS accused some people from Durban, saying they’re trying to bring him down.

“They try to do all these bad things so that I should quit, so that I give up, so that I become paralysed, so that, in the end, I’ll be unable to make the kind of music I made for South Africans,” he said in his blowout moment.

Speaking to Daily Sun, the club DJ revealed he was wrong to falsely accuse people. He claimed that he was going through a lot at the time.

“I’m okay now … my fans can stop worrying about me. I was just pouring my heart out. The ending of the video was not my plan at all. It just happened.

“I’m glad it happened because I needed to pour it all out.”   

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