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This is How Zuchu Is best for Mondi


This is How Zuchu Is best for Mondi

There are people always are there to encourage you to live a brilliant life. They will praise you that you can. They will tell you that you are too strong and in the ‘game’ you have to punch it.

However, most of them are just ‘lice’ as it is known nowadays.

But talent is everything. Look deep Lady Jaydee; he has talents, the same is the case with sisters Ray C, Linnah, Mwasiti, Nandy, Maua Sama and Ruby.

For men you will meet Q Chilla, Juma Nature, Marlaw and others.

I’m just reminding; The FA boy with his talent did not sit and brag before showing Maua Sama the way.

P Funk didn’t want credit to release Juma Nature. It’s the same with G Lover (Guru), he saw something in Mr Blue and then showed him the right way out.

Jide and Ray C, were broadcasters before focusing on music after being advised by Ruge Mutahaba.

Now let’s take a look at Zuchu, a talented female artist who was joined by Diamond Platnumz.

This daughter has talent, which she is developing, she has good management and a star to be loved in her music. This is something that Zuchu has.

There are very talented people or artists but the star is missing.

Zuchu is an artist who has not even been in the game for five years, that is, since he started singing, but today, when he is singing, even his musical teacher, Mondi, sits down to listen to the talent.

Mondi’s EP he did with Zuchu was the only one that was more popular after WCB in the past danced a lot with Harmonize’s song ‘Kwangwaru’.

In between, there was no dance that crossed the boundaries of that dance until he came to Zuchu and released the ‘Sukari’ dance that really rocked musically.

Apart from ‘Kwangwaru’ and ‘Sukari’, in WCB there is no dance that rocked more than those dances. Zuchu’s musical style is clean because every time he releases a song, Bongo Fleva followers follow him in large numbers, thus gaining many viewers on YouTube and entering a long streak.

This girl has the perfect four things of the current musician.

The compositional talent, good voice, acting skills and excellent leadership he has and more has his strong star.

But I have often thought that this talent of this Kizenji girl, would meet the intelligence of Ruge Mutahaba, how would things be?

Because being held by the hand of someone who knows what you want, that is also a word!

For example; Many do not know if Afande Sele is a product of Sugu that he saw something in her and held her hand.

Our music world did not know Afande Sele before Sugu brought him to us by holding his hand. Like Sele, he saw something in Dogo Ditto and held his hand.

There are many musicians who have participated in raising their fellow artists, including Dully Sykes, who was largely a light for the youth of Kariakoo and Ilala, including Ali Kiba. No star of Ilala does not recognize the power of Dully.

There is Juma Nature, until tomorrow he continues to be the leader of the tabloids in Temeke. And not only for Temeke, even Chegge from Kigoma was caught by Nature there.

However, in fact, having talent is the most important thing in art. Developing it is a cross-cutting issue. Management and the right people to lead you are very lucky.

Mondi despite guiding Zuchu well musically, the yeast has increased more after the two fell in love.

There is a possibility that they are composing a drum while they are still in the thick of the night.

If you want to believe my words, listen to their song ‘Mtasubiri’, it has explained a lot about their relationship and their future plans and that’s why I say Zuchu’s dancing is not in vain.

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