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‘Their pain is our pain’: Prince Kaybee joins #FeesMustFall protests


Prince Kaybee is the latest celebrity join students’ protests across the country, movement against the cost of tertiary education on Monday.

The SA Congress of Students (Sascoc) called for a countrywide shutdown of 26 universities this week as students took to the streets to protest.

Among their demands were for universities to postpone the commencement of the academic year to March 30 2021; no fee increases for the year; that all students be allowed to register and graduate, irrespective of the quantum of debt owing to the university; and that the government bailout struggling institutions.

After weigh in on the current movement, Kaybee opens up about what he is feeling right now about this month.

Kaybee said he is “inspired by the level of courage shown by the students marching for free education,” he argues others to support the protests.

“I’m inspired by the level of courage shown by the students marching for free education. Even when they are bullied, beaten and shot by the police, they kept fighting.”

“All of us should take time to support their struggle in whatever way we can. Their pain is our pain,” he added.

The movement already capture the attention of many celebrities including AKA, Andile Mpisane and others.

Shauwn Mamkhize’s son, Andile, offers to help financially 20 students, 10K per student after protesting against cost of tertiary education.

Taking to his social media platform, Andile expressed how he touched on this protest, as he promises to help 10 students to clear their 2020 debts.

“In light of the current #FeesMustFall situation and in celebration of my 20th birthday this year I would like to give back by gifting 20 university students who have recurring debt from 2020 with R10,000 towards their fees.”

“You can also nominate someone in need of this financial aid,” he said.

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