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The new body of Tessa Twala​ after Brazilian butt lift


The famous celebrate from South Africa known as Tessa Twala showed here naked body. According to TMZ, said that Tessa Twala has revealed her new body after undergoing 4D liposculpture on her stomach and a Brazilian butt lift.

The actress recently took to Instagram to share before and after pictures.

Tessa received physio therapy aftercare, lymph drainage, massage, ultrasound, myofascial release, a scar tissue massage and advice and basic rehabilitation after the procedure.

Tessa has previously spoken against unrealistic “weight loss hacks”, cautioning people about the products they use after she witnessed her colleague experience bad side-effects from weight loss products.

“These teas that tell you they will give you a flat stomach, they are lying to you. Your kidneys are going to fail you. I know a woman I used to work with who used to drink them. She had a baby. She had the teas and later had to spend a lot of money at the doctor because her kidneys started failing.

“There’s no way your body is meant to process cleaning you out at the rate the teas clean you. You’re ruining the lining of your stomach. Your kidneys are fighting for their lives.”

The actress said while she was thinking of going under the knife to have some work done, others should be careful of the doctors they use because she had seen a lot of people use a doctor who didn’t take their proportions into consideration.

“That lady, I don’t know what her name is, but that lady doing your BBLs, yoh she hates you all. I haven’t seen anybody who has come off her table who looks good.

You’re all pushing Khloe Kardashian when she was in her A Bug’s Life phase, where she looked like she was constantly wearing a heavy diaper, when her thighs, her a**e, nothing was matching. That’s what this doctor is doing to you all and it’s sad.”

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