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Tekashi 6ix9ine denies Lil Nas X claims, he slid into his DMs


Tekashi 6ix9ine, denied Lil Nas X claims that he slid into his DMs on Instagram, posting a screenshot of alleged conversation.

It all started after The rainbow rapper posted a headline about China’s anal COVID-19 new testing, he joked that the old town road rapper entered the chat.

After Tekashi’s joke, he responded by tweeting a Tik Tok video of himself dancing as screen-grabs appeared in front of him.

The first screen-grab was of 6ix9ine’s Instagram joke and the second was of the DMs that he claims his fellow musical artist sent him.

In the second screen-grab an alleged message from 6ix9ine last month read: ‘Gonna be in ya city soon what ya doing lol?’ with emoji of an upturned face and a heart.

Soon after seeing the Old Town Road rapper’s response, he responded by filming himself on Instagram proving him lying by showing an alleged chat history with Lil Nas X that was empty except for the latter’s purported message request.

‘Look,’ said 6ix9ine in the Insta Stories clip, which he posted online this Thursday. ‘Stop playing with me son.’

Instagram does allow its users to ‘unsend’ messages, as well as to delete entire conversations from their chat history.

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