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Sophie Ndaba speaks on living with diabetes during the coronavirus pandemic


Actress Sophie Ndaba spoke on how she felt on living with diabetes and being alive from coronavirus pandemic which is high risk to her.

The veteran actress is struggle from social media bullies and trolls since she revealed herself on weight loss from diabetes, it was reported that she recent attended to the medical due to high sugar levels.

Sophie Ndaba and her husband pass through hard times as social haters took her weight loss as advantage of trolling her.

As you know, the coronavirus pandemicis high risk to those who suffer diabetes, low and high blood pressure, asthma and others, the actress felt lucky to be safe from dangerous bug.

“I have seen an emergency room once in this delicate time, and it was just high sugar levels. The doctors, the nurses, the caregivers, the police, the army who daily sacrifice themselves. They all have families who need them too. We pray for you. Thank you,” Sophie wrote on her IG.

She also reminds her followers to follow medical guidance to be safe from dangerous bug because it not over.

Sophie and her husbamd Max, are still together as right now majority of South Africans are trying to copy pandemic laws imposed by government.


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