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Sophie Lichaba claps back at trolls drag her appearance


Sophie Lichaba is tired of cyberbullying, this time she responded to some Twitter trolls judging her current appearance.

As you know, the actress was in trending list couple years ago after pictures of her dramatic weight loss went viral on social media.

Sophie Lichaba did what was right at that time, spoke about reason behind her current appearance but some social media users are not believing her story, they claim she lied about diabetes.

Last time, the actress opened up about nasty comments her husband received from social media questioning on how he is still in love with her, even calling her a zombie and other bad words.

This time Sophie is looking bored on how haters trying to shock her, so she responded.

Sophie Lichaba claps back at trolls drag her appearance
Sophie & Max Lichaba

One tweep tagged Sophie and said that she wasn’t being truthful about the disease that changed her appearance. This tweep said diabetic patients “don’t look” like Sophie.

“God help her and her stupidity. She doesn’t know life,” Sophie said in response.

To another critic who had a similar complaint, Sophie said: “I will do what suits me, my dear. Focus on your life and go get tested for every disease. Who are you to decide what I should do? Who are you?” Sophie asked.

Despite of nasty comments she is getting from social media, there are others showing support and encouraging words to her.

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