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Somizi warns his friends about his funeral


Somizi warns his friends about his funeral

Mzansi media personality, Somizi Mhlongo aka Somgaga wants no speeches at his funeral. He reveals he isn’t a fan of speeches, and he’s warned his friends ahead.

In a video shared on Instagram, the media personality says he will be sending a video-like invitation card to people he wants at his 50th birthday celebration.

Somgaga further stated that the event will be all about eating and drinking with no speech as he dislikes it.

Somizi is a staunch believer in showering people with love daily, not just on special occasions.

Somizi warns his friends about his funeral

That’s why he wants no speeches at his upcoming birthday bash or even his funeral.

The Idols SA star is turning 50 and just wants his guests to eat and be merry.

On Instagram, he shared with followers the boxes he wants ticked: “I’m sending invites for my birthday via video, right. I explained the theme, the time, the venue and all of that, but I also explain at the end that just come and eat and drink and mingle. No speeches.

“I’ve always told my friends, they know I hate speeches. I loath speeches. I despise speeches. Am I weird? Whether it’s my wedding, it’s my birthday or at my funeral, preferably no one speaks.

Like nobody, because I believe in giving the speeches every day. Don’t wait for a special occasion. Call me. Text me every day, speak to me every day, not on a special occasion. No, thank you.”

Somizi warns his friends about his funeral

At his last soirée, aired on his reality show Living the Dream with Somizi, the media personality and cookbook author said he was grateful for his friends.

“”We are driven the same way … one thing about this circle [is] we all have that entrepreneurial spirit and this is one circle that doesn’t fake having made it. If you don’t have, you don’t have. If you don’t have, we can make you have.”

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