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Slikour bags major TV deal with Channel O


Hip Hop legendary Slikour gets major TV deal with Channel, the rapper has shared excitement news on his social media.

The shows include Catching Waves, Speedsta In Da Park (with DJ Speedsta), Rhyme and Reason (with rapper Reason) and Balcony Interview, hosted by Slikour himself.

Slikour also reflected his hard time over past 7 years…. “I really started this with my hand-held phone 7 years ago not knowing where SlikourOnLife would go. Back then TV said I’m unpredictable, my music was banned at one stage, my honesty got me blackballed.”

He said that a lot of work still needed to be done, but he was proud of what he had achieved.

“As always a lot of work still needs to be done this is not the benchmark but a mark in our story and probably history for a South African independent online platform and satellite tv.”

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