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SK Khoza admits he abused his fiancé, vow to change


The award-winning actor SK Khoza has admitted that he was abusive man toward his fiancé, .

In a length statement on Instagram, SK apologises to his fiancé for being abuser, as he vows to change.

He wrote: “Keeping things that break your spirit and hurt you inside is not always a good thing. I have come to realize that I have done so and I ended up not realizing that I was taking it out on my fiancé @Ayearndar whenever I do talk about what is affecting me, I would not address it in a calm manner, …and in turn, I didn’t see that I was hurting her and in a way,

“I was being emotionally abusive towards her. She has made me understand that just because I don’t physically abuse her, I was doing so with my words and I want to speak out and say I am sorry I didn’t address my problems and allowed them to overpower me.”

After realizing his mistakes, SK Khoza vows to change as he works to become a better person to his fiancé.

SK wrote:“Emotional abuse is really not good, especially because it breaks the other person in a serious way. I am now working on myself and I am committed to opening up, communicating more, and talking about the things that affect me. I am working on being a better person and partner,”

After revelation, many followers including some celebs applauded him for being transparent and royalty to his wife2B.

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