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Simphiwe Dana shares her thoughts on Ramaphosa’s leadership


Songstress Simphiwe Dana sees Cyril Ramaphosa as worst choice for Mzansi, calling him the “worst president” South Africa has had.

Taking to the Twitter, Simphiwe shares her opinion on his leadership, as some fans agreed with her but others disagree.

Simphiwe wrote: “I know we’re scared to say it. But Ramaphosa is the worst president we have had,”

Some celebs including Simphiwe have shown doubts on president Ramaphosa for his efforts on pandemic, and how he helped artists.

It is obvious for president post be put on question regarding development and other matters, as other will oppose but other keep their faith on him for his transparence and accountability.

“He is still the most accountable President. Then we can differentiate the worce in Prisendent. I think ur tweet is of frustration more than anything. But as an artist. Entering political maybe seen as decampaign if u were quiet in 9years of looting. The quest why now,” one user wrote.

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