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Sho Madjozi is not afraid beefing Burna Boy


Sho Madjozi has threw some shots to Burna Boy, claiming that the Nigerian asked for Sho’s remix to be pulled out from streaming services.

Speaking with YFM’s Scoop Makhathini and Bontle Modiselle, Sho Madjozi said she is not intimidated by Nigerian star, she says he is bully.

“I know that, like, he is a bully. It is that thing of gatekeeping in this industry, as if there can only be one African superstar on a global platform. I don’t believe in that at all, there is enough space for everyone,” Sho said.

She claimed that not even Burna’s team trusted him to tweet for himself, and said that all her tweets were 100% authentic.

“They don’t even let him tweet for himself because they know how he is. Everything you see about me out there is me. I write it. I stand for what I stand for and I will always say things how they are. At the end of the day, I am not scared of anyone. They are a person, I am a person. Just because you are on an international level, so are we.”

Sho Madjozi claimed in a long Twitter thread last week that Burna boy and his label were allegedly responsible for taking down a remix of Stormzy’s Own It, in which she was featured.

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