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Shauwn Mkhize didn’t audition for her role in Uzalo


Shauwn Mkhize revealed that she did not audition to make her debut in the most watch Mzansi TV show, Uzalo,

The reality star and businesswoman has shared an excitement news of first appearance in Uzalo just couple days ago, as she feels happy to appear in the TV show.

Taking to Instagram, Shauwn Mkhize let her fans that today is the day for her to make first appearance in Uzalo.

“D-day has finally arrived and tonight I make my first appearance on @uzalo_sabc1 I’m so excited!!! Thank you to everyone for the support and love you’ve shown me leading up to today.”

Speaking with TshisaLIVE, MaMkhize said she didn’t have to audition for the role on Uzalo because she was approached by the production with the opportunity.

“Uzalo approached my PR team and when my PR team presented the idea to me, I felt like let me use this opportunity to give my fans what they want.

“I’m actually feeling excited, dying to see how the final thing eventually came out,” MaMkhize said.

Shauwn Mkhize didn’t audition for her role in Uzalo
Instagram | Shauwn Mkhize

She said she’s never considered herself an actor but had participated in school sketches where she had tons of fun so when the opportunity to act presented itself, she couldn’t say no.

“Truth be told it was not something I planned to do. For me, I felt like my fans had been asking me to come back with a season two (of her reality show) or just to their TV screens and I felt this was an opportunity for them to see me because I think I owe them that,” she said.

The popular is show brings new trending stars like Mkhize, playing a role which is not far from the role she played from her reality show.

According to the newspaper, MaMkhize will play the role of a mysterious, wealthy woman with her eye on the coveted KwaMashu Kingdom Church.

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