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Sbahle Mpisane shared on how she overcome fear of driving


Sbahle Mpisane detailed on how she spent months building her confidence on driving after horror car crash occurred two years ago.

The fitness bunny spent enough time recovering from that accident, as well use this time to learn how to operate wheels from her drivers.

Taking to her IG, Sbahle shares her recovering update, building driving confidence and more exercises.

She said “I spent the year sitting in the passengers sit so I can have a full view of all my drivers & to see how they operated. For the longest time until early 2020, my only fear was being driven by another driver but I’ve completely overcame that awkward fear of my safety. To overcome that trauma in 2018 I decided to take the risk of driving myself whilst I was still wheel-chaired with my fixation metals on my right foot.”

Sbahle said it took a year for her to start driving after spent more time on learning and recovering from fear of driving.

Sbahle Mpisane shared on how she overcome fear of driving
Instagram: Sbahle Mpisane

“I started driving a year later after my car accident, that car was written off and the sadness of that was all I dealt with including my long recovery. Everyone was against me driving which is understandable but I love cars and I didn’t post about it because I feared that I would be judged”, she said.

She added, “My car accident didn’t install fear in me I am happy to still be alive to experience the ups and downs of life and to happily drive myself without fear,”

Based on her current recovering update, she is thanking her personal trainer for helping her getting better, as she is ready to take a wheel in the road.

Sbahle Mpisane was hospitalized back in 2018 after car crash that almost claimed her life, driving her BMW 4 series down Victoria Embankment in Durban when the accident occurred.

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