Monday, May 23, 2022
CelebritySamkelo Ndlovu responds to the claims she owes a DJ money

Samkelo Ndlovu responds to the claims she owes a DJ money

Samkelo Ndolu has dismissed the claims made by one DJ, saying that she owes him a money after the two worked together on a gig.

It all started after unknown DJ claimed that former Rhythm City actress didn’t pay him R12k for a gig they worked on.

“The venue paid out and she used the money without telling me, and now she’s avoiding my texts and calls,” he wrote on Twitter.

Responding to allegations, Samkelo said the amount he claimed was for three DJs, as it was paid fully to all which is opposite to what he said.

“I never owed him R12,000, he’s never cost that much in his life. Maybe in future. It was him plus three other DJs. I’ve paid those DJs. Fully,” she claimed.

After the post, she also posted some snaps with messages which was targeted to accuser, her reaction annoys many users as they called her a rude and arrogant.

One user wrote: “Samkelo Ndlovu is rude thou! The Dj is not paid yena she flashing money on social media like that claiming the guy wanted fame…. Fame has gotten into her head.

“Samkelo Ndlovu is one unpleasant and immature human being. She comes across as arrogant too,” another user tweeted.

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