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Samkelo Ndlovu blasts tribalists after questioning her origin


Actress Samkelo Ndlovu has slammed tribalists questioning and doubting her background, she said she won’t answer them anymore.

The actress took her Twitter to express disapproval of tribalism as well encourage people from different background to unite as Bantu.

“(I’m) no longer explaining how I am Xhosa with Ndlovu as a surname. To a nation who was separated tribally by the Group Areas Act and still managed to connect and make tribally mixed people. As if everybody in SA is one tribe. Haska. I just won’t answer any more. I have nothing to prove,” she said.

Samkelo slammed those who insisted on perpetuating the “divide and conquer” narrative that the apartheid-era government imposed on black people.

“Tribalists don’t see how much they are perpetuating the ‘divide and conquer’ narrative. We were all once one thing before we as the Bantu migrated south and created sub-tribes. So over it and I will no longer engage.”

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