Friday, May 20, 2022
CelebritySal Masekela speaks about racism in surfing

Sal Masekela speaks about racism in surfing

Musician and surfer Sal Masekela said racism as biggest challenge they have been experienced from surfing in postapartheid SA.

“You’d think I’d be used it by now. I’ll never be used to it. You’d think it’d hurt less by now. It always stings like the first time,” he said.

Sal also explained why he uses #shreddynegro when he engages on social media.

“So understand when you see me throw up the hashtag #shreddynegro, it ain’t to be cute. It’s to make a statement. Because all of us that dare choose to play in spaces where we are not seen in abundance have to put up with this type of sh*t in some way, shape or form every day … and we’re tired. ”

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