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Robert Marawa exchange bitter words with Nsiki over Kobe Bryant


Robert Marawa exchange some bitter words with Ntsiki Mazwai over Kobe Bryant following his death news as the world mourn for the NBA star and other victims.

Kobe Bryant was killed in helicopter crash on 26 Sunday along with his daughter Gianna and other 7 including two families.

People around the world have paid their tribute for basketballer but Ntsiki felt like Mzansi is not supposed to engage on this because Americans are not care about others.

Ntsiki wrote, “Basketball is an American culture. You say you are showing Ubuntu to someone who was using a helicopter to avoid traffic while the poverty levels in Black America are worse than our own??? Pardon?”

Robert Marawa saw Ntsiki’s tweet and remind her to catch up on the facts about Kobe and his legacy, before going on a Twitter rant.

“Aunty kahle kancane…..Go read about Basketball Without Borders which has for years been helping to build homes & communities in SA since 1st arriving here with Patrick Ewing initially,” Rob tweeted.

Ntsiki went on to throw a jab at Robert for “defending” Americans, saying they apparently won’t celebrate him when he dies.

But Robert wasn’t fazed.

“Neva asked for my corpse to be celebrated by u, Americans, Chinese or Afghans. Just requesting you to be informed when u attempt to discredit successful human beings and global icons!” Rob hit back.

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