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Robert Marawa blasts Trump over COVID-19’s response


Sports personality Robert Marawa has slammed Donald Trump for his responses to the deadly COVID-19.

Marawa believes Trump took too much time to conquer social media and internet headlines more than letting experts do their works.

Marawa wants the world to take the pandemic serious and stop using politics to earn public trust while the pandemic bug costs life of people.

“Yep, he should be the MC of the presser and allow Dr Fauci and Dr Deborah Birx to educate not only America but the world! His politics game is tiring!” he said.

He claimed that Trump was trying to score political points while his country struggled with the virus.

“His problem is that he wants to push cheap politics at the height of a pandemic and global crisis. It’s no time for seeking gold stars on the forehead! Today was a better presser because the experts dominated and the chihuahua was honking.”

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