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Rich Mahog joins #JusticeforAKA Movement


Rich Mahog joins #JusticeforAKA Movement

Music producer Rich Mahog joined the hashtag motion via posting questions of his very own that he recognized would assist the police on which course to take.

Since AKA used to be gunned down, the #JusticeforAKA movement has won momentum on Twitter in the hopes of intensifying the search for the murderers.

“The question is a very simple one. Who hated Kiernan enough to have him killed? Who had motive? Who has resources? I think if we can get those answers we will be closer. Who did he upset? We need answers,” he tweeted.

In his mentions his followers shared their own ideas of who might’ve been behind the brutal murder.

“And the sad part is that the longer it takes, the more they tamper with evidence and even if a new investigating team comes they won’t find anything to work [with] basically Kiernan won’t find any justice and we can’t do anything about it,” replied one.

Rich Mahog joins #JusticeforAKA Movement
Rich Mahog joins #JusticeforAKA Movement

On Tuesday, the police minister addressed the media at the ministerial imbizo in Westbury, Johannesburg.

“We well known that it’s no longer with the pace that the neighborhood and country would have cherished to see us reacting, however mark this space. We are cracking the case,” Cele said.

AKA was once shot lifeless at a famous restaurant in Durban’s Florida Road. The capturing additionally resulted in the loss of life of AKA’s lifelong friend, entrepreneur, movie star chef and cookbook creator Tebello “Tibz” Motsoane.

The minister stated they had been making headway in the case.

There is additionally a petition titled “Justice for AKA Kiernan Forbes” that used to be created on Change.org and calls out KwaZulu-Natal police commissioner Lt-Gen Nhlanhla Mkhwanazi and countrywide commissioner Fannie Masemola.

Rich Mahog joins #JusticeforAKA Movement

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