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Rasta begs for help with sending daughters to school


Celebrity painter Lebani “Rasta” Sirenje revealed financial struggles this year to get his daughters all school needs as the second day of school for children across SA.

Rasta told TshisaLIVE that his two daughters can’t go to school because they have no stationery or shoes.

Rasta explained that one of his daughters, who was supposed to start grade 1 on Wednesday, had not been placed in a school yet.

“I applied last year for my seven-year-old daughter to get into a school, but we were told to go to the department of education for that. The other thing was that we had to buy stationery. So I was holding [out] for those things, because we were not sure that maybe I was going to take her home to attend school there,” he said.

Rasta revealed that he hadn’t paid his daughters’ school fees yet as he was strapped for cash at the moment.

“I can’t even pay rent, but that’s not the main focus. What I need is help to get school needs for my kids,” he said.

After he reached out, Mzansi heeded Rasta’s plea for help and promised to assist him with uniforms and stationery.

“We are still waiting for the school … Someone promised me uniforms for my daughter, who’s in grade 1. The one in grade 10 got stationery, which they will deliver today, and some other people donated cash, which I will use for my daughters’ administration fee.”

Ahead of a meeting with the department of education, Rasta said he was told it was looking for a school closer to where he lived.

“I’m still going to go to their offices … maybe I can get something today. Though people have helped me, I’m still in need of financial help to make sure that my daughters have all that they need.”

For those who touched with Rasta’s problems you can contacted him direct on 073 245 7593.

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