Wednesday, October 20, 2021
CelebrityPrince Kaybee to take legal action over inappropriate pics

Prince Kaybee to take legal action over inappropriate pics

After being exposed of cheating, Prince Kaybee plans to take the matter to the law over inappropriate pics shared on social media.

The DJ was in trending list couple days ago following cheating scandal get exposed by his side chick, she posted a conversation of two together with his nudes.

He once refuted the claims shared by a woman on Twitter named Eurica, detailing a conversation between her and the “Fetch Your Life” hitmaker.

Kaybee wrote: “But this isn’t fair, wheres the rest of the screenshot, this is Eurica mos, a costume designer that came for costume measurements for videos to be shot in Capetown, there’s a part where I tell her to hurry up I’m playing at 11, ai bo Eurica, sies. (sic)”

Later, Kaybee admitted of cheating and embarrassing his girlfriend after he got exposed by side chick.

“I cheated, I humiliated my girlfriend publicly. To the people I have disappointed, the businesses I represent, my girlfriend and my mother, I profusely apologise from the bottom of my heart,” wrote Prince Kaybee.

After apologizing to his girlfriend, some fans threw some shots, but others siding with him and send encouraging words.

After the frenzy, one fan asked about whether he might consider taking the matter to law, Kaybee responded by saying he will do it.

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