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Prince Kaybee puts insecure men on blast


Prince Kaybee has called out insecure men for preventing their partners from following their dreams.

Kaybee spoke frankly to his followers on how other men control their partners, act as obstacle of attaining their goals.

 “No man should stop you from following your dreams to safeguard their insecurities. We can indulge in obedience but if it threatens your future, rather not,” tweeted Prince Kaybee.

He continued, “I get that the heart suffers under stress, but be aware your gut also takes the blow and it’s a terrible experience of gut discomfort. Your mental health is paramount.”

It’s unclear on if his words were just advice to community concerning real life happening in relationship, or it was mainly a target to somebody.

Some followers think it was target for fellow DJ Black Coffee following his previous thoughts about his legacy in relation to real life.

Kaybee is recognize what fellow DJ achieved in his career, but that’s not the only thing enough to convince him to put respect on his name.

The DJ tried to explain the reason behind their feud in an interviews with Everything SA Music, but his explanations look like it miss some pieces.

Some social media users think that Kaybee’s words might be relating to recent argument which involve fellow DJ with his wife.

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