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Prince Kaybee opens up on why he doesn’t respect Black Coffee


Prince Kaybee has finally opened up about why he does not respect fellow DJ, Black Coffee.

As you know, the two DJs aren’t friends and they already entered into social media argument which push fans to dig the cause without answer.

In an interviews with Everything SA Music, Kaybee acknowledge the fellow DJ’s status worldwide as the best in the world, but that does not convince him to show some respect.

“I’ve got this thing about me … apparently it’s being arrogant. I really need you to earn my respect from a very personal point.

“Respect and recognition are two different things. I can recognise you as the world’s number one DJ, but you can’t force me to respect you,” Kaybee said.

Speaking about respect, Kaybee said Black Coffee has no great catalogue to convince him, but he is great based on other things.

“There is no reason for me to see him as a god – others do, but I also don’t think that Black Coffee has got a dope catalogue, from a creative perspective, as a producer and musician, I don’t think he has a great catalogue,” said Kaybee.

Last year, the two entered into Twitter war following their different views concerning local artists.

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