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Prince Kaybee opens up about leaving Universal Music Group


Prince Kaybee spoke the possibility of leaving his record label, Universal Music Group, saying he is not getting enough exposure.

On Twitter, Kaybee reveals the possibility of leaving the giant label, saying they don’t push his new singles on radio.

“They don’t give a f**k.”………….“Its very bad. I submitted a single two months ago and it dropped two weeks ago. Nothing on the radio monitor. I know artists who dropped this past Thursday and they are charting already,” he tweeted.

The sensational DJ said everything went good before the management changes, which fell into someone who is not reliable.

Kaybee wrote: “I don’t wanna lie I was fine at Universal, my contract made sense while Themba was still at Universal, now they hired this other guy from Sony, Fok its terrible. When u want studio he says its not time yet, imagine a talentless person telling you when to be creative…”

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