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Prince Kaybee recovering after collapsing before a gig


Prince Kaybee has shared recovering update to fans after collapsing before the show at Victoria Falls this week.

He was set to perform at a concert at the iconic landmark, but hours before going on stage he started vomiting and collapsed.

A doctor was called to treat the star and promoters cancelled his performance.

The Gugulethu hitmaker took to Twitter to apologise to fans for missing the show.

“I would like to apologise to everyone at the Vic Falls for not showing up, got to my hotel, started vomiting and collapsed, promoter came to check up on me and Dr was called immediately.”

After he was stabilised and cleared for travel, Kaybee flew back to SA. He posted a picture of himself on the plane and again apologised for not performing.

“On my way back to SA, got some antibiotics and an injection so I can catch my flight. Really wanted to go on stage yesterday and give it my all because it was my last performance for 2019, apologies again to the people I disappointed. See you soon.”

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