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Prince Kaybee explains on why he didn’t finish his matric


Prince Kaybee is one among of the best artist achieved best things in music industry as well his life standard, but he didn’t get a chance to earn a matric certificate.

Kaybee took to his social media to explain the reason behind fail to finish his matric.

The DJ revealed it after one user took a shade at him for not completing his matric after he expressed that he was recently told to “focus” so that he could be the “best” he could ever be.

“Yesterday something strange happened, someone I was speaking to over the phone said, ‘I want you to focus on being the best you can ever be’. No-one has ever said this to me before, I can imagine those that get told this every day, y’all are fortunate, cherish that!”

After the shade, Price Kaybee responds to user, saying, “Yes, I did not finish my matric, but I’m sure knowing that you can be the best you can ever be from an early age worked to your advantage. Keep well.”

Kaybee then explained that the reason he did not finish his matric, he was expelled because he was caught spinning his teacher’s car on the school grounds.

“I got expelled, I took my teacher’s car and did a 360 spin on the fields to look cool. She always let me drive her car but that day peer pressure took the better of me and here I am today without matric.”

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