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CelebrityPrince Kaybee claps back at Rea Gopane over cheating scandal

Prince Kaybee claps back at Rea Gopane over cheating scandal

Prince Kaybee has responded to Vlogeer Rea Gopane after making a comment about his cheating scandal which made headlines last week.

The DJ was in trending list on social media after a woman on Twitter named Eurica, detailing a conversation between her and the “Fetch Your Life” hitmaker.

His nudes also exposed while detailing unfaithful relationship between her with Kaybee, some followers slam him for embarrassing his girlfriend.

After the buzz, Kaybee later came forward and addressed the situation, as he admitted of cheating and humiliating his girlfriend, radio presenter Zola Mhlongo, who have been in relationship since 2020.

“I cheated, I humiliated my girlfriend publicly. To the people I have disappointed, the businesses I represent, my girlfriend and my mother, I profusely apologise from the bottom of my heart,” wrote Prince Kaybee.

Concern his nudes scandal, the DJ planned to sue for violating the law for sharing it publicity, but later the other side issued an apology for sharing it.

Vlogger Rea Gopane is among of those made a comment about him, he said “Kaybee is one disgusting mother***er”.

After the vlog went viral on social media, his fans asked the DJ if he could sue Rea Gopane for his comment.

Kaybee responds to suggestions, saying he wouldn’t sue him because he cannot handle it …. he wrote; “Why would I sue, let him speak his mind, he wouldn’t afford it. Good luck with your career.”

Another fan said Rea’s comments would result in him “catching hands”, Kaybee added that doing so would not do any good.

“I would break his jawline and send him to sleep, but what good is that gonna do. Let him enjoy swearing at me and running his mouth, all love this side,” He wrote.

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