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Prince Kaybee claps back at Herman’s thoughts on eNCA racist video


Prince Kaybee has slammed Herman Mashaba over his thoughts on eNCA racist mask video which cause outrage among South Africans.

eNCA journalist Lindsay Dentlinger received backlash after the video showing him asking black politician to wear a mask while white one just allowed without it.

The video annoyed many Africans, which force the broadcast to release statement defending their journalist from online accusations, as it said the TV reporter’s actions were not “racially motivated or with malicious intent”.

“Criticism to this extent levelled at a journalist under these circumstances is unfair and unfortunate. Comments and some video content currently being shared are maliciously misleading,” said eNCA managing editor John Bailey.

The media clarifications look like rejected by majority, SA celebrities condemned both broadcast and their journalists for defending his action.

Kaybee was among celeb slamming eNCA for taking it not serious, as he asked the former mayor of Johannesburg for his thoughts on the backlash.

Herman responded to the DJ’s question, as he feels sorry for him and other for focusing on negative situation than digging the fact.

“I feel sorry for you to have been brought up to see everything in life in a negative light. I will keep you in my prayers to see how positive life can be,” he tweeted.

Herman’s tweet annoyed Kaybee, he hit back at him by labeling politician dumb.

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