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Precious The Planner accused of being scammer


Precious The Planner, polar wedding planner and event designer is accused for scamming others when they decided to cancel it for important reasons.

The birthday celebration was supposed to take place on the 30th of May. According to the social media user, after they had contacted Precious to render her services for her birthday celebration, she sent them a quotation with an amount of R229 440, that she was going to charge them.

Her mom then allegedly paid Precious R100 000, as per their agreement for her services, as she did not want to be involved in late payments.

This come up after one Twitter users slammed her for cut 75 percent of birthday celebration service after they decided to cancel it after COVID-19 pandemic.

After the thread, many Twitter users demanded Precious The Planner to clean her reputation by paying back the money while she has not yet comment concern that accusation.

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