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‘Please respect me’: Thuli Phongolo shuts down dating Master KG rumours


Thuli Phongolo has slammed the rumours she is dating award-winning artist Master KG, telling people to respect her.,

It all started after some users suggested that she is dating Master KG following engagement to the artist comment section.

Taking to the Twitter, Thuli dismissed those rumours, telling people to respect her.

“Apparently, I’m dating Master KG because I commented on his tweet! Guys, please respect me!” she wrote.

Her tweet interpreted opposite, as many users question her intention suggesting that she sees Jerusalema hitmaker as not her class.

“You may have to delete this,that “respect me” is offensive to Master KG, it seeks to say you can never date someone like him,” one user wrote.

“That please respect me is you low key saying anyone whose ever dated KG doesn’t have some sort of “standard or self respect “. Refrain from using the last line, another user wrote.

“You are saying it as if there’s something wrong with dating Master KG, don’t give people negative vibes about this whole situation,” another user wrote.

After backlash, she clarified her tweet two times, saying they are just friends not lovers, as she slams people for spreading false assumptions.

“I mean ‘respect me’ as in stop spending baseless rumours! Hayibo nina, angisadlali!,” she tweeted.

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