Friday, May 20, 2022
CelebrityPHOTOS: Kylie Jenner buys $36.5 million mansion in Holmby Hills

PHOTOS: Kylie Jenner buys $36.5 million mansion in Holmby Hills

A youngest self-made billionaire from famous family, Kylie Jenner, has bought massive $36.5 million mansion in Holmby Hills, California.

According to TMZ, youngest billionaire took the massive mansion, the house is 15,350 square feet and it’s billed as a resort compound.

Kylie Jenner remained in Forbes as youngest self-made billionaire for another year following wealth she earned from her cosmetics together with shares she sold on her company.

Bars, games rooms, a gym and an all star sports area with pickleball and basketball give both the adults and kids, the house also has 2 guest apartments which is perfect option for billionaires.

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