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Phat Joe leaves Radio 2000


Phat Joe, whose real name Majota Khambule is leaving Radio 2000 over allegedly sassing work, SABC SABC spokesperson Mmoni Seapolelo confirmed the news.

Said Seapolelo: “The SABC can confirm that Mr Majota Kambule (sic) is currently on special leave, details of which we’re unable to comment on out of respect for the contractual relationship between the two parties.”

SABC insider told Daily Sun that Phat Joe was suspended following a string of bunking work, including after the December holiday break.

Said an informant: “He was given a few days to rest in the festive season, but instead of returning in January on the agreed date, he stayed away some more.

“This angered station manager, Chris Choane, because he’s been protecting him since he brought him to the station in April last year. Chris put his career and reputation on the line for him.

“When he recruited Phat Joe to replace popular Just Ice, people within the SABC and listeners revolted.

“But Chris went ahead because he felt the breakfast show needed some change since Just Ice has been doing it for 12 years.

“Now, Chris is embarrassed as some of his detractors remind him they told him so.

“Only if Phat Joe knew what he has done.”

Another mole said Phat Joe is not worried because he knows listeners love him.

“If he had an ounce of worry, he would have been at work when he was required to do so.

“He knows he’ll be back at work in no time.

“Hence he’s not bothered by his suspension.”

As the contract renewal season for radio hosts looms, insiders claim Choane was not going to bother himself with Phat Joe.

“The SABC is gearing up for a shake-up of SABC radio hosts’ contracts and no one knows who will survive and who won’t,” the source said.

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