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CelebrityPenny Lebyane on AKA’s fall: He could have injured his skull and...

Penny Lebyane on AKA’s fall: He could have injured his skull and spinal cord

Penny Lebyane has weighed in on AKA’s fall while performing in North West, last weekend after tried to crowd a surf.

Supa Mega hit the floor on last performance after he tried staging dive to crowd but few members tried to catch him, stayed down for a few good minutes, later laughing off the mishap and trying again.

A clip of the moment went viral on social media this week and Penny responded by saying: “My heart is really broken about what happened to #AKA.”

Penny Lebyane later slammed those who laughed about the incident and those who did not catch the star, calling them cruel.

“You are mean. That was terrible. He could really be hurt and people are cruel to do that,” she wrote.

She also laid some of the blame at AKA and his team’s door, saying it should have been planned better to avoid him seriously injuring himself.

“Obviously it could have been avoided by him and his team to plan for them to carry him through the crowds. He could have injured his skull and spinal cord.”

She dismissed suggestions that AKA could have injured those in the crowd, telling a follower to stop watching so much TV.

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