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Pebetsi Matlaila defends her statement on CCMA case


Actress Pebetsi Matlaila responds to backlash from social media’s users after being told she was oversharing over her recent nanny woes.

Early this month, Pebetsi was summoned by CCMA after her nanny opened a case of unfair dismissal against her after she fired due to grievances she had about her work ethic.

Taking to her Instagram, Pebetsi said: “So if there’s one thing about me, those who know me very well know that I don’t suffer the batho ba tla reng [what will people say] syndrome. I’ve developed a thick skin over time being cyberbullied on social media.”

Pebetsi Matlaila said she wasn’t going to keep her problems to herself – despite comments from some people who thought she should – because she knew that others might benefit from her experience.

“So for people to come here on some ‘please refrain from sharing your personal matters and challenges on social because other people do not rejoice in seeing you suffer like that’, my story is my truth and it might help someone or empower somebody to get out of the problems that they are currently dealing with,” she said.

The actress had previously taken to her Insta Stories to vent about a predicament in which she found herself, allegedly thanks to her former helper.

“So I just thought I should come out and actually express my anger, disappointment and my frustration at this point in time. I mean, I am seeing flames at this time [because] I tried doing good by giving a person a job, [not knowing] that same person will land me in such a predicament.”

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