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Pearl Thusi talks about being a victim of colourism hate


Actress Pearl Thusi emotionally spoke her struggles on colourism hate in a conversation with Khanyi Mbau on Behind The Story on BET.

It is not the first time for her to open up about hate she experienced for being a light-skinned African. A couple years ago she revealed that she even missed an opportunity in industry after being told she is not black enough to fit the role.

Some people confuse with colourism as they accuse her of getting many opportunities because of her light skin.

In an interview with Khanyi Mbau, Pearl Thusi spoke again on she hurt from it, as you know this hate is common in black community.

“Because they are light-skinned that’s why they are where they are. Yes, there are privileges, but let’s also look around who’s giving those privileges to them and why they exist in the first place.

“You can’t take those people because they are easy to abuse and they’re in your community and they are accessible and they say, ‘Yes because you’re light-skinned she thinks she’s better’. No, let’s go back to the source on why we have an identity crisis and why we look different and why we are the way we are.”

Pearl added that she doesn’t understand why South Africans, mainly black people, throw hate on one another when “we [are] supposed to be on the same side as a country, people and race”.

“That’s what we’re supposed to be doing, we are on the same side. I’m not the enemy. I can’t change how I look and if I did, you’d still be mad.

“So let me live my life, live yours … I work very hard for what I have and if my light skin is going to help feed my kids and that’s what you want to believe … you know what, believe what you want to believe.”   

Pearl eventually broke down in tears. Khanyi then comforted her, telling her she needed to heal from the negative comments people throw at her.

“Certain battles need you to heal, you need to heal. You need to let them pass. You need to let them go.

“The world has evolved and I know you’re talking about what people have gone through, they’ve gone through it – there’s a reason. You know who you are …”

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