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Pearl Thusi: SA women are foundation of this nation


Pearl Thusi is reminding everyone to acknowledge the strength of women on building the country like South Africa.

Despite facing hard situation from inequality and femist, the actress wants everyone to acknowledge their role on building the nation.

“South African women are the foundation of this nation. With all the storms, they’ve managed to keep this nation standing” she wrote on Twitter.

Nowadays, women contribute great role on building world’s democracy and peace around the world, many developed countries are developing because of how they let women contribute on same aspects as men despite challenges in working places.

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Pearl Thusi’s post on Twitter receive credit and approval from social media users.

Pearl proud herself being woman on building the nation, but there are some haters agreed with her but exclude her from receiving that credit.

Pearl Thusi has been vocal for gender equality affect women, racism and xenophobia, she put more efforts on advocate human rights for both locally and internationally.

The actress also address about colourism which is currently biggest divisive thing among Africans, she said she is among of those victim suffer from this hate.

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