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Pearl Thusi drops xenophobia on #BlackLivesMatter movement


Pearl Thusi has dropped xenophobia in a wake of George Floyd’s death as Americans and neighbors’ countries like UK protesting on #BlackLivesMatter movement.

South Africa celebs have joined others on rising voice to stop racism around the world, Pearl Thusi feel the same treatment has to be done in Mzansi following previous xenophobia against foreigners.

Taking to Twitter, Pearl wrote, “Killing African nationals that reside in SA is something I will never defend. Defending borders drawn by colonisers will never be something I limit myself with.”


Some followers agreed with her but others do not, saying she was coming from a place of “privilege” and “incited violence”.

Many who criticized her claimed that foreigners bring crimes in Mzansi, accusing them for running illegal businesses and other immorality.

After the backlash, Pearl Thusi remained with her stance, she said she is not afraid with critics and personal attacks because one day they would realize the truth.


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