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Palesa Madisakwane warns young celebs over office gossip


Palesa Madisakwane shared words of wisdom to young and new celebs joining entertainment industry, warns about office gossip and how to survive.

Palesa tells newcomers to understand the nature of the industry, how competitive it is, she also advised them to keep learning.

She wrote: “It is a very competitive and contested space and not for the faint-hearted. But what will take you far is being humble and having a teachable spirit.

As celeb, Palesa knows bitter and sweet inside entertainment, she warned newcomers about people around them as she said gossip could land them into end of their career and destruct achievements.

She added, “Be careful of the people you keep in the office space, be careful who you listen to and do your all to keep away from office gossip. Office gossip will destroy your career and your character.”

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