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Ntsiki slams new Mzansi Magic’s reality show “Izangoma Zodumo”


Ntsiki Mazwai has slammed producers of new Mzansi Magic’s reality show “Izangoma Zodumo”, saying the content of the show “discriminates African tradition and traditional healing.”

Ntsiki wants the show to be banned, she labelled black people as “damaged and embarrassing” for ridiculing African spirituality.

She said: “I want to point out to black people that Christians and whites have never made a mockery of their spirituality, the Jews have never made a mockery of their spirituality …so black people are you that damaged that it has reached a point where you make a mockery of your ancestors and African spirituality live on TV?”

She continued: “How much do you hate yourselves, for you to look down on yourselves and let the entire world look down on you.”

Ntsiki bashed the show for what she said was its utter disrespect of traditional healing or ancestral calling practices.

“You don’t even the brilliance or foresight to teach what African spirituality is, instead you go drag yourselves on the floor like freaking idiots and you think everybody must clap for you after you have undermined your own spirituality,” she said.

She added: “I want to find out who the producers of the show are and we must name and shame so that they may never think of creating content that embarrasses us like this … I’m so ashamed and so embarrassed of being black this morning because black (people) hate themselves so much that they would embarrass themselves and ridicule their spirituality.”

The “Urongo” star urged South Africans to join her signing a petition to stop the airing of the show.

“Mzansi Magic: Stop a reality show that discriminates our African tradition and traditional healing. – Sign the Petition! http://chng.it/tbHjsXrB via @Change,” wrote Mazwai.

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