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Ntsiki slams black women for lacking ‘confidence’ in their natural hair


Ntsiki Mazwai once again takes shots against those black women who find hard to identify their true beauty natural hair by wearing wigs.

The controversial poet and activist believes that those women are lacking confidence with their natural African hair.

Debate of natural hair vs wigs divides black community into different thoughts, others sided in natural hair while others in opposite.

Some have highly criticized wearing wigs, believing that wearing other race hair is totally inferiority in our own culture.

Other side believes it is choice, wearing it or not because others feel insecure.

As you know, Ntsiki is not afraid of addressing anything to her followers without regarding its impact, she is now wants black women to embrace their own nature.

“Why are black women finding it so hard to admit that they lack confidence in their own hair…. And wigs make them feel prettier?” ……. she questioned on Twitter.

The poet criticizes other women for encouraging others to wear other race hair, she believes it is not a choice.

“There is no wisdom In encouraging black women to wear other races hair….. It’s not by choice. It’s indoctrination that taught them weaves.”

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