Wednesday, August 17, 2022
CelebrityNtsiki reflects on what would happen if Lady Zamar lied in Sjava...

Ntsiki reflects on what would happen if Lady Zamar lied in Sjava rape case

While most of us focusing on what is going on in America and copy new life after coronavirus pandemic, Ntsiki Mazwai use her social media to ignite Lady Zamar claims against Sjava.

On Twitter, the poet asked on whether the allegations laid by Lady Zamar was true or she lied………, and if she lied what next?

The rape case has totally changed Sjava career, he partied ways with his record label as well snubbed from different gigs.

Last year, the songstress revealed the accusation but she didn’t mention him until early this year when she officially filled rape case against him.

Ntsiki Mazwai has reflected damages Lady Zamar might cost if all allegations she presented against Sjava were not true.

Ntsiki’s tweet has sparked a major debate with as some are saying, Lady Zamar must be charged because she tainted Sjava’s reputation and humiliated him. Some slammed Ntsiki for her tweet and said she is an activist but she is not advocating for another woman.

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