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Ntsiki claims ‘Hollywood gives hype to black women who play slaves’


Ntsiki Mazwai puts Hollywood industry on blast, claiming they accept only African women who play as slaves.

The controversial Poet took the shots aim at Hollywood and African actresses who are currently passing the industry from playing such role.

Ntsiki shares her thoughts on Twitter, slamming Hollywood on how they treating black women who entered their industry to pursue their careers.

It is unclear on whether her comments just target Hollywood or a shade to some actresses like Thuso Mbedu who played the series — The Underground Railroad, as a slave who seeks refuge from slave catchers.

Ntsiki tweeted: “To be accepted as an actor in America, you have to play the slave. Basically cooning”

She added, “Hollywood gives the most hype to black women who play slaves… We are nothing but slave porn to them.”

The Poet believes whites loves to play Africans as slaves because they’re easily accept it and celebrating as honour, while their aims are quietly different.

“All these American movies with blacks as slaves…. And no American movies with whites as oppressors. The focus is on reminding blacks that they are slaves,” wrote Ntsiki Mazwai.

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