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Ntando Duma supports Zodwa Wabantu’s chicken business


Ntando Duma shows support to Zodwa Wabantu after couple weeks ago she made announcement of her chicken business.

As you know, Zodwa is among of few celebs use social media not only for celebrity lifestyle, but also for business purposes.

Ntando Duma is a recent celebrity made purchases to the socialite, she bought four trays of her eggs.

Taking to social media, Zodwa thanked Ntando for supporting her venture, she wrote, “So much Support from my Friend @dumantando.She Bought 4 Trays of Zodwa Wabantu Eggs. Ngiyabonga kakhulu @dumantando I love you”

Kelly Khumalo is among of previous celebrity started showing support to Zodwa since she launched her chicken venture.

The socialite is real fighter, use her time to make greatest change in her life by working very hard.

Being a dancer is not over, life needs contingency plan for unforeseen events, that’s why she apply different activities to achieve the best.

We have seen that she is not the only one doing some extra activities, different from entertainment, Khanyi Mbau also is among of few celebs doing the same.

Last time, Khanyi begs government to consider liqour sellers because she is in busuness, and she was economically affected after booze ban.

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