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Ntando Duma claps back at claims she’s paid to be EFF member


Ntando Duma has responded at trolls claiming that money cause her affiliation with EFF party, like a brand ambassador.

The media personality is unbothered with those shades as she expresses how happy she is being in EFF, she expects more positive things to happen on future under that party.

With reference of treat to other members, the accusers claiming that is getting special treatment than others.

Responding to that allegations, Ntando Duma saying they are obsessed with her for her affiliation with them which is not bothering her.

“Your guys’ obsession with me and my affiliation with the EFF is now starting to become extremely weary. To even write an entire paragraph with groundless and unjustified facts,” she said.

Ntando said they were welcome to continue if the obsession contributes meaningfully to their lives.

“But if this puts bread on your table, then who the hell am I to make you starve. Eat. Don’t starve mntase.”

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