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New Things in The Real Housewives of Durban


Tweeps are gushing over the The Real Housewives of Durban cast and how they brought all the drama in the latest episode of the reunion of the second season of the show. The episode aired on Thursday evening and had viewers glued to their screens.

All the cast members topped trends on Twitter as fans shared what they thought of their faves. Relationships between Nonkanyiso Conco, known as “LaC” and other wives including Annie Mthembu, Uthando Ne’sthembu star Thobile Makhumalo Mseleku, Londie London and Mabusi took centre stage.

Thobile addressed the “beef” between her and LaC that went on for the entire season, making it clear the two did not need to be friends.

Viewers were transported to the first episode of the season in which LaC was less than impressed about Thobile joining the show.

In an effort to iron out their issues, LaC said she and Thobile had unresolved issues they needed to move past before they can be friends, to which Thobile responded by saying she was aware LaC did not like her.

“You don’t have to fake it LaC. That’s the problem with you. Don’t fake it. You know you don’t like me. Don’t pretend,” said Thobile.

Next in the spotlight was LaC and Londie’s failed friendship. The two may have served friendship goals at the start of the season but Londie was clear there was no friendship. Her main grievance was that LaC is secretive and she didn’t know anything about her personal life.

In her defence, LaC, ex-fiancée of former president Jacob Zuma, said she can’t be as open about her personal life as the other ladies.

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“If you’re going to have a friendship with someone, there are certain things you need to know about them without having to ask. Where do you visit your friend? Is your friend married, single or dating? If you can’t answer any of these questions, you don’t know that person and I don’t think you can call that person a friend,” said Londie. 

LaC said she still considered Londie a friend but the singer insisted a friendship built on mystery and secrecy cannot work.

The confrontation between JoJo Robison and Mabusi about her “fake LV bags” also had people talking. JoJo, who was noticeably calmer and did her best to remain composed and avoid the drama, apologised for asking Mabusi in one of the episodes if her bags were real or fake. 

Actress and media personality Sorisha Naidoo had a heart to heart with LaC, Mabusi and Nonku, who were left out of flying with her and the other wives on a private jet. 

The complicated relationship between Nonku and Annie let viewers in on their softer side. “Tricky” has been widely used by viewers and Annie to describe their relationship.

In the second season, the two went through their ups and downs and at the reunion they agreed theirs is a “love-hate relationship.” 

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