Friday, May 20, 2022
CelebrityMzansi reacts to the lockdown extension

Mzansi reacts to the lockdown extension

Yesterday, South Africans fumed following announcement from government over lockdown extension to another three weeks.

Following coronavirus outbreak, SA government follow other affected countries for imposing country lockdown to stop spread of deadly bug.

Social media flooded with different thoughts after president Cyril Ramamphosa dropped a lockdown extension bombshell.

As you know, low earners are highly affected by this situation but also even middle and high earners also affected too.

When president Ramaphosa address the country about this extension, he asked citizens to be patient even for long and understand what government is doing during this time.

“If we end the lockdown too soon, or too abruptly, we risk a massive and uncontrollable resurgence of the disease. We risk reversing the gains that we have made over the last few weeks and rendering meaningless the great sacrifices that we have all made.” Said the President.

Celebrities and other social media users have shared some different thoughts concerning how they can copy current situation, check it below;

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